Use of the Museum spaces

Museum spaces are primarily earmarked for permanent exhibitions of university collections and activities supported by Sistema Museale di Ateneo.
Without compromising the regular execution of these activities, following a formal request the Plaster Cast Collection of Antiquity can be granted to the academics of Department of Civilisations and Forms of Knowledge or patronised and accepted by Associations and Institutions for the execution of scientific/ cultural activities interesting in the Sistema Museale di Ateneo and the University (e.g. conferences, workshops, round- table discussions, research activity presentations, exhibitions, exhibition activities).
In all these cases, there is a form of participation in the costs of structure to be agreed in advance.

Beyond the previous actives and without compromising the regular execution of them, following a formal request and fees, the Collection of Plaster Casts can be granted to the academics of University, individuals, Institutions and cultural Associations externals to University.